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Mr. & Mrs. Van Boo | 50 Shades of Hay Wedding

"When love runs deep, it can stand the test of time" ~ me

I am a total stranger to Malmesbury area and I really had no idea how hot it gets in December. Morne and Saajiedah's summer wedding at 50 Shades of Hay was an absolute scorcher. You would never guess when you look at how cool and in love these two seemed.

It was the 5 December 2020, when I had the pleasure of documenting this beautiful union of not only two people, but two families. My pre-consultation with Saajiedah I asked her, what are the most important moments to you about this day, and she said, "Our children". She wanted very much for their children to feel part of the day. The day this blended family became one, through the love of two people, who not only love each other, but love each other's children as their own.

Morne & Saajiedah started dating in 2016 and in their journey they went through everything that was meant to break them, but instead only came through stronger. Through the past few years they've grown together in so many ways, all through mutual love and respect. When I asked them about their love story, I told Saajiedah that I've only spent a short time with them, but it was so evident that their love runs deep.

What made this couple extra special, they shared their day by arranging s surprise proposal for their groomsman and Maid of Honour during the portrait session. So for a few moments they took the focus off their union and celebrated the love of two people dear to them. It was so lovely to witness.

Morne & Saajiedah, thank you for privilege of capturing your union. May you have many happy years together...

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