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Colour Me Beautiful~ The Beginning Featured: Beverly Poggenpoel

As a woman, there are many things that make us uniquely beautiful. From our personalities to our physical features, we all have something that sets us apart from others. To celebrate this uniqueness, I launched the Colour Me Beautiful Campaign during the South African Heritage month of September in 2023. I specifically picked September because after all,our uniqueness is linked to our heritage.The amazing genetic make up that contributed to our unique features. I am a proudly South African Coloured Woman and this passion project has been in the making for a long time and I am so blessed, that because of the amazing cheerleaders and mentors in my life, I finally took the step to launch this campaign,inviting woman of all ethnicities to book their spot in the 35 women. This campaign has exceeded my expectations and completely fed my soul as I welcomed the most amazing and diverse ladies into my studio. So far, I have done 22 sessions and there are still 13 to go! This blog post is the first of a series as I will feature each and every lady lleading up to their private exhibition in September 2023.

The first feature story is my best friend Beverly Poggenpoel. I had gifted her a portrait session for her 40th birthday before I launched the campaign and decided that she would be the perfect lady to kick of this experience with me.

As a photographer, there's nothing quite like capturing the beauty, strength, and resilience of a woman. That'swhy I knew this campaign was going to be an empowering experience. Beverly is a mother of two, a financial manager, and a woman who strives to balance all aspects of her life. She's been through some tough times, but she keeps pushing forward, determined to achieve her goals. I was thrilled to document this moment in her life's sto

. Beverly's vision was to have a photoshoot similar to the one Kate Middleton had for her 40th birthday. It was important for her to have a photographer who could capture her essence and make her feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Fortunately, she trusted me to do just that. During our session, Beverly was a joy to work with. She was open to my ideas, and we collaborated to create images that truly showcased her beauty and inner strength. I could tell that she was enjoying the experience and feeling empowered by it. When I revealed her images to her, Beverly was blown away. She saw herself in a new light and was amazed at how I had captured her true essence. It was an experience beyond what she had imagined, and she couldn't stop raving about it. As Beverly's friend of 22 years, I was thrilled to be a part of this special moment in her life. It was an honor to capture her beauty and strength, and I'm grateful that I was able to give her an experience she'll cherish forever. I couldn't wait to empower more women through my capturing their beauty on a soul level..

Hair and Makeup: Renske Retief

IG: @blushmomentsbyrenske

Video: Shimone

IG: @shimivisuals

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