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Forever Mine ~ Andries & Ebette

On a windy afternoon in Cape Town, Andries, Ebette and I ventured onto Strand Beach to commemorate their 8th wedding anniversary. Now this wasn't just any couple's session. They're two of our dearest friends. In fact, Andries and my husband were roommates at university and have been best friends ever since and Ebette and I connected instantly when they started dating that I ended up having the honour of being one of her bridesmaids. If you understand how deeply I feel about the people who's portraits I capture, you'll have only a vague idea of how extra special this shoot was for me

We started the day off how any shoot should start, with Ebette getting her hair and makeup professionally done in my home studio by Renske from

I have had the pleasure of working with Renske on a few projects and always such a pleasure. Ebette was very pleased with her final look!

Ebette was styled by herself. Working as a CA(SA), she is also a qualified image consultant, helping women to dress for success. Find her on FB and IG Ebette Image Consultant & Stylist.

What a gorgeous power couple and oh my goodness were they easy to capture! The love between these two is so tangible they made my job effortless as they just glided through the session. Andries wasn't to keen on going in the water, because as unpredictable as Cape Town weather is, it was a chilly December afternoon. But, luckily he's all about a happy wife and he wanted the session to be everything she envisioned. This elegant beach session was a dream shoot for me. The light was perfect and i opted to use the available light to set the mood. I had to consciously stop shooting, because I could've carried on with these indefinitely.

I'm looking forward to 2022 and capturing many more love stories. See the full gallery below.

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