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Woman's Day 2022

I have been wanting to create a portrait with my girls for the longest time with a specific look in mind. Someday I hope to create one with boys too, but that'll take months of negotiations, preparations and possibly bribery 😁

With Woman's Day approaching in South Africa, I thought what a perfect day to remember to celebrate myself and the two young women I have been entrusted with to raise. Raising girls in this generation is such a huge responsibility. More than anything, I hope to build their self-esteem to the point where they're strong and confident enough to stand up for themselves in any situation and stay firm in their beliefs and convictions, because I have had to realize that I cannot always be there.

Eliana (meaning God has answered) is my eldest and not only was she a long awaited answer to a prayer to become a mother, she's the most remarkable little girl I've ever met. Little Laelah my forever baby, I had just made the choice to make peace with the fact that a fourth child was not to be, when she finally decided to show up and fill our world with unspeakable joy. My prayer is that I'm the best mother to them so they can confidently take their place in this world.

I hope everyone had a beautiful Woman's Day. A day we can draw inspiration from the bravery and confidence of the 20 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings 66 years ago

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