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You have taken the first step towards a bespoke portrait experience!

Book Your Consultation Call

What is the purpose of the call?
You have taken the first step by filling out the form. The call is to connect with you and start the process in designing your personalized session. I also take you through the process and answer any questions you might have.




I am so excited that you would like to have a portrait experience with me. Here are some frequently asked questions from clients over the years. I am sure any question you might have is already addressed below. If not, we will address it during the consultation call!

frequently asked questions

Why is it such a step-by-step process and not just a book and show-up session?

Every session is custom designed to create what you envision for your session. I aim to create an overall great experience from your first contact with me and I want you to feel celebrated. This is so much more than just a photo shoot. Every image is carefully curated to be something you would be proud to show off.

Why the consultation call? I already know I want to book

The consultation call is importrant for a few reasons

  1. To connect with you and for both of us to  see if it's a good fit. You want to be comfortable with the person taking your portrait.

  2. I enjoy getting to know my clients, because I don't jy want to photograph what you look like, but who you are. It makes the portraits more authentic if I have an idea of the person I am photographing.

  3. It's an opportunity for you to ask any additional questions you may not be clear on from the information provided.

  4. To discuss possible date for your session so we can get your preferred date in while it's still available.

Why is there such a short time to confirm the booking?

My portrait sessions are very personalized and I invest alot of time into each one. Therefore, I only shoot a limited amount of sessions per month and there are limited dates available. Also, confirmation within the given time also shows that you are ready to book.  So right after your consultation call, you will receive your date confirmation email with contract and invoice. These have to be completed within 24hrs of receipt.

What happens during the style consultation?

This is where we discuss the aesthetic of your session. It's also an opportunity for some facetime, so that you feel more comfortable when you arrive at your session.

We talk about colours and styles for your session and we finalize your looks. For my glamour sessions, I have a limited number of dresses in my studio, which my clients are welcome to make use of for their session. Dress rental is outsourced and therefore at an additional charge. 

Where does the session take place?

The session takes place in my studio in Somerset West. Everything happens in studio. You come and enjoy being pampered and celebrated.

Is Professional Hair and Makeup included?

Yes, a professional hair and make-up artist is in studio to enhance your best self to add to your beautiful portraits. For personal branding session Professional Hair and Makeup is an optional extra.

How does portrait purchases work? Why can't I just get digitals?

You purchase your beautiful portrait and receive the print and digital equivalant of your purchase. Digitals therefore cost the same as matted portraits. Portraits start at R850 per portrait for 7x10" matted print. There are beautiful collections to choose from which gives even more amazing value. Have a look at Products page to see what's on offer. Clients typically spend between R6 000 - R30 000 on printed products.

Please note: This is not applicable to Personal Branding and Corporate Headshots since they serve a different purpose. Additional retouched digital images for web use are charged at R650 per image.


Who can I inlcude in my shoot?

Depending on the session you choose, you are welcome to chat to me on our call who you would like to be photographed with. It's all about creating the portraits you envision.

How will I see the images?

One week after your session, you will return to my studio for an in-person reveal session. Here you will see your images for the first time. You receive a catalogue with your confirmation email. Make sure to browse through and think about your what you would like to purchase since all purchases happen during the reveal. I will also guide you according to your specific needs. I have card facilities available and payment plans for larger purchases.

What if I’m traveling and want to order large prints or frames?
Prints can be rolled in a tube, unmatted for travel convenience. Courier can be
arranged for large framed prints. 

Why are image quantities so specific?
Although folio boxes come in 6, 12, 20 and 30, you can order any quantity and
additional portraits  will be added pro rata. Albums include 20 images, but additional potraits can also be added pro rata.

What are your payment options?

Session fee is payable in full to confirm your booking. 
Card facilities are available at your private viewing session for larger purchases. 
Electronic Funds Transfer
Payment plans are available for purchases over R10 000. For payment plans, first installment is payable at the reveal session to be eligible for payment plans.

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